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Sunwin Healthcare has a Long Term commitment to creating Bioidentical Generics with the assistance of a-list exploration and top-notch norms. Our innovative workgroup comprises more than 400 researchers and designers who are profoundly qualified and experienced in the definition and logical turn of events. Our attention stays on proceeding to grow new plans in different measurement structures including Solid dose, fluid dose, Sterile arrangements, injectables, creams, balms etc.

The highlights of the R&D centers at Micro Labs include:

  • Improvement of Generics
  • Exacting Compliance IPR/Non-encroaching course
  • The framework incorporates an office for scale-up and approval
  • Capacity incorporates dealing with complex sciences
  • Administrative consistent turn of events and scale-up
  • Record EU-DMF/E-COS/US-DMF
  • 8 Molecules being worked on

The dosage forms and technologies developed by our R&D include:

  • Quick Release Solid Dosage Form
  • Supported Release tablet Technology
  • Bubbly Technology
  • Enteric Coated Technology
  • Direct Compression Technology
  • Oro dispersible tablet structure
  • Chewable tablet structure
  • Hot-soften expulsion innovation
  • Tablet in container innovation
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