Sunwin Healthcare Private Limited

Sunwin Healthcare supports its client by dossiers and regulatory process which creates a win-win situation.


Pharmaceutical are the substances or the product that are used in following

  • Diagnosis of the disease 
  • Treatment of the disease 
  • Modifications of organs and restoring their functions.

Our Pharmaceutical department produces or manufactures the drugs for medications and markets them in a safe manner. It helps in faster recovery of the concerned patient.


It is a well known traditional and healthy lifestyle introduced by India itself. It is recognised as ancient knowledge. There are several practices that include yoga,massage and meditation. Ayurvedic pharmacies manage raw and finished products and send them to dispensaries and hospitals.  The main motive of ayurvedic pharmacy is to keep healthy by mental peace.


We ensure the safety of your skin and body with no side effects of chemicals and other harmful products.  We focus only on enhancing the effectiveness of products on a maximum quantity so that people have much effect with less quantity. We use original ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric, and gram flour which are commonly used by Indian women in their home.


This is one of the important departments of our healthcare. It includes dietary supplements which provide protection from chronic diseases. These neutractila products improve the immunity of the body and delay the ageing process.


Sunwin healthcare is a modern company and there are many things which make us unique in the whole healthcare sector.

Best quality products

We at sunwin never compromise with quality of the products. We use the best quality ingredients so that there won’t be any side effects or problems after the product is manufactured.



There are many products which are very costly in the market because of their expensive ingredients and their manufacturing but these products are used to care for common diseases. That’s why we at sunwin healthcare try to make available these products at low cost so that low class people and middle class people can afford these products.

Encourage innovative ideas

There are many pharma companies which only believe in experts’ suggestions. They don’t dare to try some new innovations. But we at sunwin healthcare accept both expert ideas and innovative ideas. Because we believe that each expert’s advice is also an innovative idea of someone. Thus our researchers and scientists try all innovative ideas.


If you believe you have innovative ideas for pharma companies  and a talent to work in pharmaceutical companies. And you are  searching for an amazing opportunity for your constant growth and development. Then you are at the right place!  We have also received the support from the government of India which has increased the confidence of the employees of the sunwin healthcare. Here at sunwin healthcare, we promise you to give the best opportunity for your growth and development which will surely satisfy you and lead you to the achievement everyday for your whole life.